Why Kids Need a Playtable

written by: sydameke

When redecorating your kids room, one thing you should not forget is the kids playtable. It is a very important piece of furniture, maybe the most important after the bed. That table is where your son is “reading” his first books and where your daughter draws her first picture . You don’t want your child to sit on the floor playing or crafting. It is best to buy them a set of some chairs and a playtable. This will be so much more fun and safer too . A playtable is light enough so you can carry it to the room you are in. Then your kid can be close to you and still play at the table with LEGOs or paint a picture. Small chair and table sets are also perfect for eating. You would be surprised that your toddler will eat much more at his own table than when sitting with you at the big table.