What to look for when looking for play furniture

Adult sized furniture is too big for children to use comfortably and often has hard edges that can be painful to lean against, not to mention how hard it is to get crayon out of table tops . So it makes perfect sense to give the rug rats their own to use and play with. Finding ModernTots furniture isn’t altogether difficult, but the right choice can be.

First off, always find any and all pinch points. These are things like joints that don’t smoothly flow into one another and relatively heavy hinge areas. Getting a finger caught is painful, so don’t let it happen.

Younger children fall a lot, so number two on the things to look for is durability and hardness. If it looks like it’ll break easily, don’t get it . Harder materials are okay for some furniture, but if your child is going to be on top of it, go for something softer. Young bodies are prone to discomfort with hard surfaces. And don’t forget those edges!

Lastly, the cleanup. Kids are messy, so if it can’t be cleaned without breaking out the heavy cleaners, watch out!.