Washing Dishes Tip

Ok – if you’re like me – I can’t stand having to do dishes!! grrrr!! When my mother-n-law was staying with us, I cooked and she cleaned up! I loved it! Now, she’s not staying with us anymore, so I have to cook, which I love, and clean up . grrrr! That means by the time the meal is on the table I have a huge sink full of dishes! One way I found to help me out was to get a sink of dishwater going. As I dirty a dish I toss it into the water. Then when I got a minute, I quickly wash it and voila!! Now, by the time I’m putting dinner on the table I can normally have all the dishes done! I know, why didn’t I do this before now? Ok – well, let me be totally honest, sometimes I’m not so good with this tip and I end up throwing them in the dishwasher about twice a week! How do you save time doing dishes?.