Sugar Tip

Ok, the idea of changing my site and taking it a new direction is to begin doing posts about how to save time, space, and/or money. Some things may be very obvious to you and you already do them, others may be time and money savers.

Well, my first one is sugar. I have been doing a lot of bread making and we are southern, so we go through A LOT of sweet tea! I was always buying sugar. The other weekend I was at my friends house who also does a lot of baking, making jellies, and is also southern. She asked me to measure out the sugar for her and I asked, “Where is your cannister?” Her response, “Oh, just get it from here.” She pointed to a tote that was full of sugar. She bought the tote for $2 or $3 and she buys the 25 pound bag of sugar from Sam’s Club. Then she pours a little in her cannister for regular, small usage. She uses the tote when she bakes or makes her jellies. The tote can be stored right on top of your counter for easy access or underneath in your cabinets. Whatever works for your kitchen space!! What a great idea! I went and bought a 25 pound bag of sugar the other day, now I just need to go get my tote.

How do you store your sugar?.