Puj Tub Definitely Pampers Your Baby

Puj Tub

Puj Tub

Turn your sink into a comfortable and safe bathtub for your baby with the Puj Tub. Available in three colors: aqua, kiwi and white, this bathtub is made using a soft, baby-safe and non-slip foam material that conforms to any standard sink, so you don’t have to lean, bend over or squat while bathing. This makes it ideal for people suffering from knee, neck or back problems, as well as moms recovering from a c-section. Besides, the soft form also helps to protect the baby’s skin from the hard and cold sink, making him feel warm, relaxed and safe. The tub can be used to bathe kids up to 17 pounds, and is a great new way of saving water, space and energy. Continue reading this review to learn more about this product.


Easy Folding Design

This tub has a unique folding design, which makes it easy to set up. In just 4 steps, you can easily transform the flat foam into a comfortable bath tub using one hand, while holding your baby on the other.

Easy Storage

Nobody needs a heavy and huge bath tub that takes up too much energy and space to clean and store. That is why you’ll love this tub, because it’s designed to unfold into one inch thick, piece of foam, which allows you to either store it behind the bathroom door, or hang it on a hook.

Fits in Standard Sinks

The tub easily fits in any standard bathroom, or kitchen sink, allowing you to wash the baby in a comfortable height and position. With the Puj Tub, you no longer have to endure pain on your back, knee or neck during bathing times.

Baby-Safe Material

The tub is made from a non-slip, super soft foam material that is PBA and PVC-free. This helps to protect your child’s sensitive skin by keeping him warm, comfortable and safe. It’s also worth noting that this form doesn’t absorb any moisture, hence it’s mildew resistant. So, you don’t have to worry about your baby getting infections during bath.


  • It’s very convenient and easy to store – Unlike other bulky and heavy bath tubs in the market, the Puj Tub is very light and easy to store. It unfolds into a one inch piece that can be hanged on a shower hook, or stored away in a hidden space.
  • The tub has a super soft, non-slip foam material that helps to keep the baby safe, warm and comfortable during bath.
  • The tub also cleans and dries very easily, thanks to its non-porous foam which doesn’t absorb water. d) It provides a great way for moms who have undergone a c – section to wash their newborns without feeling the pain associated with kneeling or bending.


The main drawback of this tub lies in its size. The small size means that your baby will fit in it for only a short period of time, after which you have to buy a bigger tub. Overall, the Puj Tub provides a great way for moms to bath their newborns safely and comfortably. It’s worth considering if you’re a mum recovering from a c-section, or if you suffer from a knee or back problem, which makes it painful for you to kneel.