P’kolino Play Table

The P’kolino play table is one of the tables suited for kids. It is not just an ordinary table because it can help enhance the intellectual quality of children. Plus, it provides more fun when the children plays with it. The P’kolino play table is a kind of type of table which is separated into few colorful modular pieces . It is guaranteed to be made of high quality materials. It is made of bent maple and high density foam for increased durability and safety. It is also made of stain proof fabric which is perfect for kids because they usually play with various stuff that may cause a mess. Parents will surely love the P’kolino kids furniture play table because it is very convenient and it can be easily folded and fixed if not in use. The best thing about the P’kolino play table is the colorful foam pieces which will surely attract the kids and make them play with it for a long period of time . This is definitely a great creation for kids.