written by: wemaphyllis

The time has come for the baby to move from the comfort and security of the crib to its a bed, this is very tricky for both parents and the child getting her to sleep being equally difficult.

This need is brought about by the child outgrowing the crib or him managing to easily move in and out of the crib . When choosing a new bed we need to consider this factors.

Choose a bed secured with rails to prevent the child from falling off the bed . Design a bed that will fit the toddler for a longer period at least take him through his teens. The bed should be comfortable with the appropriate color that is appealing to sleep. Kids respond to bright colors which are especially prevelent in Sodura Kids furniture . You can design to combine different things which he could use i.e draws for storing his toys personalise it make it an exciting phase for him by commending him for his achievement. Lastly ensure you use safe and durable material for building the furniture and use designs safe for kids.