Kids Furniture Ideas for Little Girls

written by: sydameke

When decorating the room of your baby girl think pink. Little girls adore everything pink – they wear pink clothes, want pink toys and draw pink pictures. When you choose pink furniture, you just can’t go wrong. A pink bed with pink linens, pink wallpaper with little flowers and a pink carpet .

Girls also like to play with their dolls, why not install a tiny kitchenette in the corner with a small kids table and chairs set so that your daughter and her dolls and friends who come over, can have a tea party. Furniture for dolls is just as important as for the girl herself . Make sure you have a bed for the doll to sleep in and a tiny cupboard for keeping her clothes. Try to copy the look and style of the girls furniture, so that you have two sets of everything, one big and one small. This will make your daughter very happy, she and her little friends will not want to leave the room.