Kids Furniture by Nurseryworks Swept Me Off My Feet

After 3 years of trying and 8 months of waiting, my baby girl will be born next month . I couldn’t be more exited. I am currently decorating the nursery and choosing furniture . We are going for a more neutral design and will not make it an entirely girly room, who knows these ultrasounds have made mistakes before.

Last week when I was going through some websites with baby furniture, I found Nurseryworks Modern Kids Furniture. They make modern nursery furniture and are offering everything you need in your child’s room. I spent hours on the site browsing through every model they had, I just couldn’t turn log off. I was so impressed with the way this furniture looks and the designs were just like I had made them up, exactly what I had in mind when I first started looking around. Those contemporary and stylish cribs, chic changers and the beautiful lines of their rockers. I’m swept away and not even thinking about any other furniture brands anymore.