Homemade Fair and Funnel Cakes

It’s that time of year where everyone gets excited about going to the local fair! All the yummy fair foods – corn dogs, sausage, french fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried vegetables, deep fried peanut butter cups, deep fried butter?, and the oh so yummy funnel cakes. Then all the crowds, waiting in lines, pushing, shoving, the inevitable stomach churns because of eating way too much fair food then going on a ride, and the depression that sets in the minute you walk out the gates and realize you spent WAY too much money!

Well, we just didn’t have that extra cash this year. I looked around the house and decided I was going to make one of our own!! I made a penny toss, a milk jug toss (using empty toilet paper rolls), apple bobbing, ball toss, and balloon popping contest! Oh and of course I made scrumptious funnel cakes courtesy of Fake Ginger! The ONLY thing I bought was the candy for the prizes! I can’t believe I never made funnel cakes at home before!! They are SO EASY!! And I didn’t have all the “proper” funnel cake equipment, but I just improvised and they turned out excellent. Even my husband said we need to make these at home more often!

So, I encourage you to not have those guilty mom feelings when you don’t have enough money to go to the “real” fair! Instead, make up your own games and don’t forget the funnel cakes!!.