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Decorating Using Wall Letters

Architectural LetterMany people have different tastes when it comes to interior decorating. Regardless of what your tastes are there is nothing that reflects style and taste like a well-decorated home. A well-decorated home speaks a lot about a person’s personalities and their lifestyle.

Finding the perfect style that goes well with everything you have in your home can be quite a task. There are several things to consider, like the colors, your budget, the space you have, the structural set up of the room, favorite spots in the room, where to start with the decorating designs and much more. You can choose from many decorating styles to revamp or decorate your home.

Decorating with wall letters has become very trendy lately and there is a wide selection of letter styles to choose from that would make your home look astonishing. You can make initials or decorate with letters to form words to make out the name of a person or a quote. The great thing about this type of decor is that they can either be wooden, metal or even special paper letters. Each one of them is unique in their own way and they all can make a big difference to your home. 

blessed letters

Letters at Etsy

Some of the places that can be decorated with wall letters are the dining room, the kitchen, the kids’ rooms, the master bedroom, the guest room, and the nursery. When you are decorating your home with letters, try to keep the decorations as simple as possible.  A place like the dining area is one good place to start with your wall letters decoration. This is a place that the whole family comes together to have their meals. It also accommodates visitors occasionally. When choosing letters to decorate the dining area, be as simple as you possibly can. Choose words that are not too personal but let them be as stylish and as catchy as possible. Let the letters you choose send a message that lights up the whole room. Make colorful letters out of wood or metal that spell out words like “welcome”, “family”, “love”, “Blessed” and many more.

Large Wooden Letters

Large Wooden Letters at Modern Tots

If you want your wall to look more attractive, make the letters into different sizes and different colors. They will make a very big visual impact and make dining moments even more enjoyable. The same goes for the kitchen. You can add words like “Eat” of “Tasty meals” in the kitchen to make an impact.
The kids’ rooms are probably some of the best places you can have the biggest fun in decorating. Kids love beautiful things. There are many words and themes you can write with large letters to make the kids rooms come alive. If you have kids sharing a room, you can have their initials or their full names written in large wood, paper or metal letters and placed on the wall just above their beds. You can also have the names of their superheroes or their best sports personalities. 

It is best if you work together with the kids on this one. Ask them what they would love to see on the walls and go with what their likes. Girls especially love soft pink colors so you cannot put up colors that you like and they do not like in their rooms. Make the rooms feel homely and luxurious. 
For younger kids, you can have the wall of the bedroom or the playroom serve as an education board. You can make colorful wood alphabets in different fonts and sizes and place them on the wall. The nursery is also another place that would look lit up with letters from different colors, sizes and fonts.
The stairway way is another place you can beautifully decorate with wood or metal letters. To make them even more attractive, you can embed them with lights.

Every room that you choose to decorate with wall letters will look different from what it was before. All you need to do is establish a certain ambiance or a theme and go with it. How you display the letters on the wall is what matters a lot. Make the display as appealing as possible. You can choose to frame the letters, arrange them on a line or in any style you deem fit.

Create your own dream home by personalizing it with beautiful interior decorating and using letters and just see the difference it makes. It is both inexpensive and a fun thing to do.