Cleaning the Microwave

How do you get that microwave clean after your sloppy, careless, helpful husband tried to warm up leftovers and they exploded all over the inside of your microwave? And now they’re baked on!! Ugh! I came across one of these nasty microwaves at one of my former jobs. All adults worked there, mostly women, but none of them knew how to cover their food or wipe it out after an occasional, accidental cook over! It is the grossest microwave I ever saw!! And people continued to put their food in it! Do they not know how many bacteria and germs they were putting their food into? Yuck!!

I learned a trick several years ago from a tv show, the name escapes me now puj bath. Take a microwave safe bowl and fill it a little over half way with water. Next, take a lemon (about 50), cut it in half or quarters, and then put it in the water. Now place the whole container with the lemon in your microwave for about 5 minutes. When the time is up, carefully pull out the container. You should be able to take a dish rag, sponge, or wipe and simply wipe out your microwave. Voila!! Clean microwave. This also works for a stinky microwave too! Oh, it’s cheap and safer for your family too!!

I must admit, I don’t let my microwave get dirty after watching that tv show several years ago, but I still use this method. I think it does great at getting rid of leftover smells and just makes it seem much cleaner!.