Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture by Tim Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“It’s not about changing our message. It’s about changing the method with which we share it.” The previous statement, from the book, sums up the book perfectly. Tim did an awesome job of getting my wheels spinning. We have been discussing a lot in our church recently about how to reach out to others and show them what we have in Jesus. But, so many have a tarnished image of Christians, that they just don’t want to hear it. Many years ago, the way to bring someone into the church was to beat fear into them using the “shock and awe” approach and screaming “you’re going to hell.” Now, there are just too many choices out there . If they don’t like you, they’ll find someone else, if they don’t like your church, they’ll go to the one down the street, and if they don’t like your religion, they’ll try another one. As Christians, we still have the same mission, but as Tim pointed out throughout the entire book, we must change our tactics.

As I read a book, I jot down my favorite quotes from the book. With this one, I gave up. I would have just rewritten the entire book! Tim had a unique way of getting his point across with different examples in every chapter. He would share an example of a big corporation’s marketing tactics and how they did or did not work. Then, he would proceed to relate that to sharing about Jesus. I was intrigued by some of his analogies. For example, he discusses how Nike marketed Tiger Woods and made millions. Why? Because people wanted what Tiger had . Are we marketing Jesus like that? That and so many other similar stories really got me thinking differently about how to share Jesus. I think the only part I didn’t like was some of the questions in the “What If” chapter. However, I understood what he was getting at. Imagine, if we all did just one little thing, how many lives we could touch. If you are looking for a thought provoking book on how to better reach the lost, this is the book you need to have in your arsenal. .