Bedtime Routines for Toddlers

There are several measures that you can take at bedtime to solve sleep problems and a routine is one of the major ones . Children need expected and consistent routines. Most parents who have managed to set up a bedtime routine have found out that this routine does change along with the child . Their toddlers start accepting those routines and establish a better sleeping pattern at night, but they do change and the routine must change with them. A scheduled warm bath is another important aspect to consider. A warm bath will relax the child and create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere through out the night. If you become more consistence, your child will feel more comfortable with their sleeping habits and start to sleep all night long.

Toddler Sleep Problems

For parents of young children, parenting is an endless struggle with their toddlers. And, when they are at their most tired moments, they discover that they have to deal with toddler sleep problems. When kids reach a tender age of one to two years old, they develop a tendency to refuse to sleep . A big number of physicians agree that toddlers in the age of one to two years should be sleeping for ten and twelve hours each night . Most mothers who have to carry out their parenting duty of putting the toddler to bed do struggle with their toddlers when it comes to handling their sleepless toddlers.

Reading at Bedtime

The duration of your bed-time routine will vary from child to child and even for the same child at various ages. But, reading is a staple exercise for all kids at all ages . A parent who has taught their child to sit and listen to a good book has also taught them to calm themselves and concentrate on something. Soften your tone as you stroke his/ her hair with your hands smoothly. Remind him of how good it feels to be cozy in their bed. By the time you finish the story, he might even be asleep . Kiss him goodnight and they are off to sleep and dream.

Surprise Your Child With Modern Kids Furniture

When you have more than one children, the youngest one is probably used to not having many new things for himself. He must wear his big brothers clothes, ride his bike and even most toys are not his. Well, it’s time to change that and one way of doing it is by surprising your child with contemporary kids furniture, especially if they live in a room that used to belong to their big brother or sister who has now moved to the room above the garage or even left for college .

Since all the furniture is old, the whole room needs redoing and modernizing . If possible, try to do the whole redecorating thing when the child is away for a few days, maybe visiting grandparents or out camping with your brother and his family. Believe me, the look on you kid’s face will be worth it when he sees how amazing his new cool room looks like and it’s all just for him.

Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture by Tim Sinclair

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“It’s not about changing our message. It’s about changing the method with which we share it.” The previous statement, from the book, sums up the book perfectly. Tim did an awesome job of getting my wheels spinning. We have been discussing a lot in our church recently about how to reach out to others and show them what we have in Jesus. But, so many have a tarnished image of Christians, that they just don’t want to hear it. Many years ago, the way to bring someone into the church was to beat fear into them using the “shock and awe” approach and screaming “you’re going to hell.” Now, there are just too many choices out there . If they don’t like you, they’ll find someone else, if they don’t like your church, they’ll go to the one down the street, and if they don’t like your religion, they’ll try another one. As Christians, we still have the same mission, but as Tim pointed out throughout the entire book, we must change our tactics.

As I read a book, I jot down my favorite quotes from the book. With this one, I gave up. I would have just rewritten the entire book! Tim had a unique way of getting his point across with different examples in every chapter. He would share an example of a big corporation’s marketing tactics and how they did or did not work. Then, he would proceed to relate that to sharing about Jesus. I was intrigued by some of his analogies. For example, he discusses how Nike marketed Tiger Woods and made millions. Why? Because people wanted what Tiger had . Are we marketing Jesus like that? That and so many other similar stories really got me thinking differently about how to share Jesus. I think the only part I didn’t like was some of the questions in the “What If” chapter. However, I understood what he was getting at. Imagine, if we all did just one little thing, how many lives we could touch. If you are looking for a thought provoking book on how to better reach the lost, this is the book you need to have in your arsenal. .

Modern Kids Furniture is All About Quality and Safety

A lot has changed since the time when we were children. We didn’t have all these computer games, interactive toys or the child friendly furniture that our children have now. When it comes to modern childrens furniture, these days it’s all about quality and every detail is well planned out . There are more designs to choose from than you would ever have time to check out, most manufacturers produce kids furniture from the best materials and without the use of any chemicals. Beds are equipped with safety rails, tables and chairs are adjustable and grow with children, every detail is in place. Green living is also becoming more and more popular and most furniture is made of solid wood and nothing toxic is used in making them. All that makes it so much easier for us, parents. We don’t have to worry about the well being of our children, we know that our kids love to play in their room because they love how it looks and we can be sure they are totally safe .

Homemade Fair and Funnel Cakes

It’s that time of year where everyone gets excited about going to the local fair! All the yummy fair foods – corn dogs, sausage, french fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, fried vegetables, deep fried peanut butter cups, deep fried butter?, and the oh so yummy funnel cakes. Then all the crowds, waiting in lines, pushing, shoving, the inevitable stomach churns because of eating way too much fair food then going on a ride, and the depression that sets in the minute you walk out the gates and realize you spent WAY too much money!

Well, we just didn’t have that extra cash this year. I looked around the house and decided I was going to make one of our own!! I made a penny toss, a milk jug toss (using empty toilet paper rolls), apple bobbing, ball toss, and balloon popping contest! Oh and of course I made scrumptious funnel cakes courtesy of Fake Ginger! The ONLY thing I bought was the candy for the prizes! I can’t believe I never made funnel cakes at home before!! They are SO EASY!! And I didn’t have all the “proper” funnel cake equipment, but I just improvised and they turned out excellent puj bath. Even my husband said we need to make these at home more often!

So, I encourage you to not have those guilty mom feelings when you don’t have enough money to go to the “real” fair! Instead, make up your own games and don’t forget the funnel cakes!!.

Bring Color To Your Toddlers Room

What kind of colors will you choose for your toddlers room? Will you create a blue room for your son and a pink one for your daughter? Maybe you want to keep it plain and simple and use wooden furniture with it’s natural finish?

This is not the best idea, kids love colors. It brightens up their room, it makes them want to play and play more . Kids don’t care whether orange goes with blue or green with purple, they want variety. You should bring that to the room and bring in more colors. There are several companies that produce this kind of colorful furniture and toys. P’Kolino is one of the most popular ones . These manufacturers make all products in various colors so you can easily mix and match.

But if the furniture is already set, you can brighten up the room with new curtains, a carpet, some equally colorful new toys and some containers to store them. All that won’t cost you much, but will bring so much joy to your kid.

Kids Furniture by Nurseryworks Swept Me Off My Feet

After 3 years of trying and 8 months of waiting, my baby girl will be born next month . I couldn’t be more exited. I am currently decorating the nursery and choosing furniture . We are going for a more neutral design and will not make it an entirely girly room, who knows these ultrasounds have made mistakes before.

Last week when I was going through some websites with baby furniture, I found Nurseryworks Modern Kids Furniture. They make modern nursery furniture and are offering everything you need in your child’s room. I spent hours on the site browsing through every model they had, I just couldn’t turn log off. I was so impressed with the way this furniture looks and the designs were just like I had made them up, exactly what I had in mind when I first started looking around. Those contemporary and stylish cribs, chic changers and the beautiful lines of their rockers. I’m swept away and not even thinking about any other furniture brands anymore.

Filing all those papers

Are you tired of trying to figure out what to do with all those papers? I know lots of moms out there who are trying to keep up with all the paperwork that comes in the door. Whether it comes from the mail or the kiddos school – it’s a lot of papers! So, where do you put them all? I was always taught growing up that you should keep monthly bills for a year, banking statements or papers for 3 years, and taxes for 7 years. That’s a lot of papers to keep!

This may not work for all, but here’s my system. I have a file drawer that I have labeled with the months of the year small business. Whatever bills I get for the month of November, I will put in the November file folder. Whatever bills I got for October, I put in the October folder. Pretty simple. Then when next November rolls around I will pull out all the papers in the folder, glance through them quickly to make sure there’s not a really important one I want to hang on to, then throw the rest through the shredder. I have used this method for the last 2 years and absolutely love it! It is so much simpler than trying to file all the bills by their name into individual folders! All I have is 12 folders, plus one for pay stubs and tax related items, one for banking information, and then one for health insurance and the car! With my banking information, I use Quicken. So I back that up at the beginning of January for the previous year and I download all my statements for the previous year. Then, I burn it onto a disk and file it in my fireproof box. My taxes, I throw all the information that I used to file into a manila folder (sometimes 2), write the year on the outside of the folder, and throw it into a tote. When I file my taxes each year I take out the oldest one and shred it.

I encourage you to find a simple system that works for you. We have enough to do without spending our entire day trying to file papers into 50 million different folders. I used to be OCD about filing stuff, but it took too much time. This system allows me to keep the things I feel I need to and do it in a timely manner! What’s your method? What works for you?

P.S. – this is not everything I keep. I also keep kids school papers and receipts for big item purchases, but I’ll give those details another day!.